Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Since I figured I Outta Sometime Or Anotha..

I think it's about time I come back into the blogging world, again..
In my gone absence I feel like I've truly been seeing things in a new sort of..
light, maybe? :)
Something new I'm into:
Photography. I see people take these super spectacular pictures, and well quite blunt. I suck.
But i've been starting with face shots with me, and I think I'm improving!

I know I have a lotttt of work to do, but for right now I'm pretty darn content. (:

I'm OFFICIALLY in my last semester of high school!
Which is so strange, considering I go to college this fall :/
Nerve wracking!

So I'm in love with a song :) And I figured I would share before SOPA comes at the internet world:

Monday, October 3, 2011


Might I announce;
here is the recap of last post, to now!
^That is me, in the middle with miss aly and sara :)
When I say everyone looked gorgeous, I mean everyone looked BEAUTIFUL!<3
It was beyond an amazing night, one that I will never forget, I have to say I cried when it was my turn, after reading how my mother was my idol.
Yes, I bawled like a baby, :)
^^ and here is with the homecoming queen! Berkleigh! (:
Everyone was so sweet, and having so much fun.
Not to mention to craziness a long the way!
Hating my hair doo, couldnt get my dress to get tied up right, dang coresetsss!

I cried also when I caught my best friend whispering to her boyfriend, "Look how pretty she is" while I was on stage, BAWLED!
Helllllo, college applications,
Did I mention it is literally petrifying trying to figure out what you want to go in this world? especially when people are tugging you here and there, and then just everywhere?

Why hey there high school life! 
you are legit about to be the death of me;

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something special from the heart

I am not going to be shallow, too outright bragging, or insensitive about this.
But I just got on homecoming court for my school! <3
only 10 girls made it, and I'm still honored that someone in the pile of kids in my year choose me when there is some great girls there.
I am SO excited!
Bring it on Homecoming of 2011!
what kind of dress should I get?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Lund!

I think it is beyond time to explain someone that means the world to me.
This boy really makes me feel complete.
I say that with whole hearted feeling..
He is the only guy I ever felt so perfectly comfortable and myself with it's not even funny.
you have noooo, idea.
from wal-mart trips, Florida!, camping in the artic cold, frustrating google wars, too dealing with my major blonde moments, totally sneaking from work to see him, from complete 'shea' days, from moments I promised to never repeat, and most importantly never judging me when I was so wrong, or out of line.
Oh, did I mention he puts up with some of my bossy friends too?
gotta' love that <3
He in my eyes; = soulmate.<3
^^ senior pictures!
I KNOW there are times when we want to kill each other, especially when were cranky at night, but I would not have it any other way.
I don't know where I would be without him now!

Happy 5 months baby to the best boyfriend and person in my life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turtle Tales :)

I OH so no how it's about dang time I took the time to visit
my sad and lonely blog.
but truly I was in too much of a chaotic mess to even manage my own life,
not to mention one on the computer, hehhh. ;)
I always viewed my blog as in me trying to express my hurt on certain things
(I should have gotten the hint that no one ones to see nor listen to anyone elses moping.)

or just me trying to say I was fixing myself of some sort.

I have a new train of thought now :D

-->I am finally perfectly fine as I am. <--
If someone wants to judge me, or not like me, thatts their problem.
No one is made to be what someone else wants them to be. :)

I want to make this blog into just my life,
not so much as caring who reads it or if I have this and this many followers
but more of my fun(:

N O .  I am not perfect. I won't type everyday, heyyy
I'm a senior in highschool, my minds barely here sometimes! ;)
But I can almost guarentee this year will be full of crazy/wild stories to tell. 
So welcome to my lifee!
Here is my first story to tell;
me and my friend kristen went to go check on her boyfrans turtle that he saved while he was in florida..
(dont ask how we got in ;D)
well we set him free, in a fast river.
sad part is turtles CAN NOT SWIM in fast rivers!
so poor ol' Earl was just swimming his heart out drowning
while we couldnt do anything but watch :(

Earl, we wish you peace :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My new life.

Girlssss we run this mother F****!
So the World...

Just sayin.